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Oscar Escapa
started his career as producer in 2012. Getting through hard work and dedication he has released on many of the most important labels nowadays such as:

Stick Recordings, Younan Music, Be One Records Selected Records, Reload Records, Florida Music Records...

And coming up releases on: Pornographic Recordings, Bush Records, Transmit Recordings.

Many Top artists have played and supported his tracks in their live sets and Beatport charts such as:

Richie Hawtin, Umek, Cristian Varela, Saeed Younan, Dandi & Hugo, The Yellowheads, Mario Ochoa, ,Eric Sneo, Tommy Declerque, Spartaque....

Richie Hawtin has played many times his tracks in Enter (Space Ibiza) and Tomorroland 2015

Check it out here:
Lander B, Oscar Escapa - Hidra - Mazzinga Records


He currently runs his own label Mazzinga Records and performs many of his productions alongside Lander B, combination that works perfectly when those talented producers get into the techno scene.

Oscar Escapa currently based in Barcelona (Spain) keeps the ideas flowing by producing Top tunes that makes him get respected and recognised by artist and fans in and out Spain.

Lander B
Owner of Maskerade, the spaniard Lander B is an artist that has risen to his level by producing real, different, big room techno, filled with synth elements and amazing basslines

Lander B started his career as a producer in 2005. Getting through hard work and dedication, he released on many of the most important labels of the moment like Stick Recordings, Natura Viva, Beat Therapy records, Dark Face, Reload Records, while in the near future he will be on Pornographic Recordings, Florida Music Records, Bush Records, Transmit Recordings and many more. His music is characterised from big synths, intense musicality and wide and punchy basslines, where at the same time, Lander B is not afraid to incorporate in his compositions, classic instruments like piano, or vintage sounds, thus creating an unparalleled musical signature, unseen among producers on the genre.

Gaston Zani,
born in Argentina and spending his enjoyable childhood in Spain, discovered at just 16 years old the world of Electronic music in several genres which he was passionate about exploring.

Progressing naturally, he has spent many years from 2004 to Present Day studying and attending to electronic music production master classes that let him develop and curate his own music style, working and learning from International reknown producers such as: David Penn, Rober Gaez, and D.Ramirez to name a few.

With just one year after his first release on January 2015, he was able to see his name billed among big names in London's famous House music venues allowing him to collaborate, remix and being remixed by artists including: Skober, Matt Sassari, Ant Brooks, Oscar Aguilera, Andres Campo, among others.

The collaborations who in turn signed him up including very important record labels as Toolroom, Bitten, Transmit Recordings, Agile Recordings, Florida Music, Prospect, Loose Records, Groovant, Safe Music, etc through Gaston further into the limelight.

Currently being supported by artists including: Richie Hawtin, Uto Karem, Umek, Cristian Varela, Felix Kröcher, Boris, Hollen, Boris, Andres Campo, Spartaque, among many more has given Gaston the credibility and respect among his Entertainment and Music Peers.

Gaston Zani is innovative in every dimension and covers a wide range of Genres in the field Techno, on his musical journey which becomes the key factor on his well deserved way to the fame.

Both a DJ and Producer, Gaston keeps the ideas flowing by producing new tracks, that helps him to grow and climb higher in his career as an artist.

Thankfully in a short period of time, he has produced hit after hit with future views for the dance-floor that have quickly become indispensable for DJs everywhere. Being in great demand, producer and remixer, Gaston has created his own imprint and entity, being the music label: Addeepted that solely explores Techno, Tech House rhythms and highly addictive basslines that has made artists like Maco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Julian Jeweil, Cristian Varela, Paula Cazenave, Paco Osuna, Umek, Uto Karem, o Steve Lawler support his music. Including all formats of podcasts, radio shows, Beatport?s charts as well as live sets.

Gaston actually resides in London (U.K.) but splits his time between Barcelona, Spain with the benefit of both renewed capitals of electronic music in the world, performing at London?s most famous and best clubs such as: Ministry of Sound, EGG LDN, Pacha London, Fire, Lightbox and McQueen Shoreditch, as well as European countries including: Spain, Portugal and United Kingdom shearing the DJ booth with the most important National and International artists in the sector. His management team headed up by Vanessa Horca or AList London and Amor Parties can only prove succession in the cards as they both plough their way through opportunities coming their way for Gaston's music career.

LABELS: Addeepted, Toolroom, Bitten, Transmit Recordings, Agile Recordings, Florida Music,Prospect, Loose Records, Groovant.
Oscar Escapa
Lander B,
Oscar Escapa
Gaston Zani
Oliver Kaupert
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